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Episode 6: Men moving forward

In this episode Rich and Mal take their first steps in exploring where to from here for men.

The last few episodes have been a reflective and honest look at where men are now, particularly in relationship to women and this designation of toxic masculinity. Now it is time to start exploring: what is the potential of men, and how do we get there?

They start the episode by recapping the previous interview with Karina, which then springboards them into the whole premise of the podcast: namely that men face challenges right now, for which we are being asked to step up. It is time for men to evolve. Rich and Mal firmly believe men can and in the episode they set the scene for exploring what the full potential for men is and how we can get there, opening the door for the following episodes that will take us on the journey of ManReimagined

As always if you would like to listen to this episode on spotify then follow this link , or you can hear it on all your favourite podcast players.

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