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Episode 4: the silence from men around violence towards women

This week's episode was inspired by International Women's Day and in particular some of the horrific stats about violence towards wonen perpetrated by men. Why is this still going on and why is there so little noise by men to shift these horrible statistics? Rich and Mal ask when will men take responsibility for what is going on, and why have we not until now? They also get really honest and ask themselves in what way are they contributing to the silence and how can they make changes?

It is our hope that through this episode, and the next one where we interview Karina on what it is like to be a woman in relation to being around men, that we begin bring about some positive and lasting change for the way men respect and interact with women. We believe It is time men speak up and start to take action in support of women.....

You can listen to this weeks episode on spotify by clicking the link here , or you can hear it on any of your favourite podcast players.

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