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Episode 5: A woman's perspective on violence by men towards women

In this episode Rich and Mal speak to Karina Guthrie to get her perspective on what it is like to be a woman around men.

Karina is a yoga teacher trainer and mentor. She provides training courses, continuing education programs and one-on-one support for dedicated teachers and students of yoga. She is currently completing a PhD at the University of Otago on ‘The history of women’s participation in Hatha Yoga ritual’. In this conversation, she offers her personal experience only. Her views are her own.

She is not a gender studies expert and does not work in the gender equality space. She agreed to participate in this conversation because she believes open conversations, had respectfully, foster empathy and shared understanding and that this is always a good thing.

You can hear this interview with Karina on spotify by clicking this link here. Or you can hear it on any of your favourite podcast players...

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