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With Richard Ayling and Malcolm Nicholls

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What is ManReimagined?

Imagine if we could start again and recreate men from scratch? How would we think, feel, and behave as we weave our way through the rapidly changing modern landscape?

ManReimagined is the journey of two men as they come to grips with what it means to be a man in the 21st Century.

Our Movement

What We Do

ManReimagined is dedicated to helping men, and society, grow and find a way to meet the challenges of the 21st century.
Here is how we help men meet those challenges.


This is where it all began - The ManReimagined Podcast. Get to know Rich and Mal by listening to them as they weave their way through the minefield of what it is to be a man today. They don't shy away from any topics as they seek to highlight the real potential men have, while also recognising the winding road that we have to get there.

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Men's Circles

Men's circles have the power to transform you relationship with yourself, other men, and then through that the wider world.

We hosts circles and teach men how to sit in one. We also run courses on how you can set up and run your own.

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Sometimes the best way for a shift to happen is to get away from the world you know and immerse yourself in something entirely different. 

Our workshops and retreats support, nourish and challenge all men who attend in profoundly life changing ways. We guarantee that you will come out different than when you went in.

Mountain Cliff Hiker

Courses / Coaching

We have a mix of online courses and individual offerings.

  • Anxiety Unloaded
    How to get the anxiety monkey off your back...coming soon!

  • Breathe into Flow
    Use the breath as a gateway to feel calm, energised, focused and more....coming soon!

  • Transformational Coaching 
    Cultivate meaning, connection & purpose in your life, work and relationships.

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